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Don’t get ripped off: the rageoffstage guide to real value for money at the theatre

We have already read with interest about the phenomenon of premium pricing and other theatre rip-offs and shared some of our experiences.   What is the common theme here?  Producers will charge what they think they can get.  Our motto is … Continue reading

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A Tornado in Covent Garden? OperaUpClose transforms Madame Butterfly at the Kings Head

What is the Butterfly Effect? It is postulated that a small change at one place in a complex system can have a large change at another, ie, when a butterfly beats its wings in Brazil, it can cause a tornado … Continue reading

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s wine sells for £3.5m

Check it out at the BBC if you don’t believe us!

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Theatre-goers ripped off yet again

The Independent on Sunday (16.1.11) carried an article highlighting the latest method for ripping off theatre-goers – ‘premium pricing’.  This is the practice of quoting one figure for the ‘top price ticket’, whilst topping this with an extra-expensive ‘premium’ priced … Continue reading

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We loved opera invigorated by pub theatre setting!

La Boehme – Soho Theatre – ‘OperaUpClose’ – 16th January 2011 What is OperaUpClose? According to the King’s Head website “OperaUpClose is dedicated to presenting new, difficult and classic operas in intimate spaces with world-class trained singers and directors, bringing … Continue reading

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Is John Barrowman wasting his talent?

Review of John Barrowman at the Royal Albert Hall, 4th October 2010 Let’s get this straight.  We used to be fans of John Barrowman, and we left his concert in April 2008 feeling delighted and exhilarated.  So what went wrong?  … Continue reading

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Richard Herring – ‘You could still be Jesus’

We recommend – Richard Herring’s ‘Christ on a Bike’ at the Leicester Square Theatre We had never seen Richard Herring before, and had only vaguely heard the name, so we probably would not have gone to the Leicester Square Theatre … Continue reading

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Danny Boyle’s shock horror casting!

So, Danny Boyle’s new production of Frankenstein will feature the lead actors alternating the roles of the Doctor and the Monster. We were so excited at the prospect that we couldn’t decide whether to see Johnny Lee Miller as the … Continue reading

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What does the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables tell us about the recent history of Musical Theatre?

If you are in the West End, it doesn’t take long to see that there’s a marked difference between the way Musicals and ‘straight’ plays are promoted.  If you want to know who is in a play you only have … Continue reading

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Welcome to Rage Offstage…

 …Because audiences have feelings too What better way to begin the New Year than with some very subjective ‘Awards’.  We don’t think you’ll find these anywhere else. The Germaine Greer Award for shameless waste of female talent: The producers of … Continue reading

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