Richard Herring – ‘You could still be Jesus’

We recommend – Richard Herring’s ‘Christ on a Bike’ at the Leicester Square Theatre

We had never seen Richard Herring before, and had only vaguely heard the name, so we probably would not have gone to the Leicester Square Theatre to see him, except as in this case for a Birthday celebration.  By the end of the evening, however, we felt we had received a gift……..the gift of atheism.  Richard Herring is a clever and funny guy who may in fact be Jesus, but that’s not for him to say.  He skillfully deconstructs parts of the new testament to the point you begin to think it might not be completely true, then he launches into a description of a surreal dream he claims to have had involving the Almighty’s son, himself, and bicycles, with such convincing insanity you start to think it might be true.  Some of his material may indeed be found offensive to those of a religious disposition, but (and maybe Frankie Boyle could take note), it’s delivered with such wit and charm, most people would only notice afterwards……when they’d stopped laughing.

Catch it if you can.

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3 Responses to Richard Herring – ‘You could still be Jesus’

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