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Darkness reigns at the foot of the lighthouse: The Orphan of Zhao brings mixed messages from the RSC

The trouble with having a blog is that what you write can come back to haunt you.  Take, for example, our rather fulsome praise of Gregory Doran, at the end of our review of his recent production of ‘Julius Caesar’: … Continue reading

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We un-happy few: Are there really ‘so few leading men?’

Andrew Lloyd Webber caused some consternation by declaring that there are ‘so few leading men’ during the semi-final of his casting show ‘Superstar’ a couple of weeks ago.  Are leading men really an endangered species?  And what is a ‘leading … Continue reading

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Taking the show out of showbusiness: theatres claim their pound of flesh

Why does ‘The Stage’ continue to report the ever growing profits in West End Theatres as a good news story?  Their latest report on West End revenues has the headline ‘West End stays on course for £500m box office hat-trick’ and … Continue reading

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Hubris unmasked: Love Never Dies reaches the point of no return

So, the West End incarnation of ‘Love Never Dies’ has announced its forthcoming closure.  The perfect cue for the normally sensible Mark Shenton to throw his toys out of the pram (again) over the ‘Love Should Die’ website, which has supposedly had … Continue reading

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