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The Yellowface is Bad Enough, now we have the whitewash

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRINT ROOM Dear Print Room We have admired you for a long time for bringing high quality and interesting work to the London fringe.  Perhaps that is why we held off for too long in … Continue reading

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Nothing will come of nothing: why actors need to be paid for their work

Here’s a question: what’s the one thing you can’t do without if you want to put on theatre?  Actors.  And which category of worker is least likely to get paid when budgets are tight?  Yes, you’ve guessed it, actors.  Why … Continue reading

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Get your tickets out for the lads: why do the Arts Council fund Ed Hall’s Propeller?

We’ve had a go at Edward Hall for having an all-male theatre company which benefits from public funding.  But are we being fair?  Have we missed something? We decided to go in search of the rationale behind Propeller’s all-male policy … Continue reading

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