Rebecca Caine on the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary concert

Thanks to Lucy Thackray at for her gem of an interview with Rebecca Caine, published last month.  We were intrigued to hear her touch on some of the issues we brought up in our recent post about the 25th Anniversary concert for Les Miserables.  She deserves a medal for diplomacy.  For some interesting reviews and articles on the Les Mis anniversary casting debate we also recommend having a look at Dickie and Butch’s blog…

[update 22.2.11 – we have disabled this link due to Dickie and Butch’s blog sadly no longer being available.  It would be great to have some comments from any of you who were at the concert or saw one of the screenings]

[Further update 26.2.11 – Butch rises from the ashes in the form of a new blog ‘chewing the scenery’ – not all of the previous material is there, but we recommend having a look at the review, concert fiasco, and concert update]

[Update 9.12.12 – sadly, we have to report that once again these links are unavailable, although ‘chewing the scenery’ remains alive and well]

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2 Responses to Rebecca Caine on the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary concert

  1. Thanks for mentioning our Interview with Rebecca Caine – I am very pleased as an editor to find such an articulate and intelligent interviewer/reviewer as Lucy. She has set a new standard for our site. She has been praised not only by Rebecca for her honest and warm approach but also from Earl Carpenter and theatre director Nikolai Foster when she interviewed him also last month who said and I quote “its so refreshing to be interviewed by someone who is passionate about the subject but also intelligent in her questioning.” We love Lucy and we think she has a glittering career as an Arts Journalist in the future…we just hope she remembers us when she is making her millions.

    John Roberts – Editor of The Public Reviews


  2. Lucy says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I had great fun doing the interview. I’m still learning, but I definitely want to go down the arts/interviewing route, career-wise.

    Very interesting post about the O2 concert – that’s actually one of the things that prompted me to start my blog – the very first post was my thoughts on the casting etc.

    Thanks again for the mention, I’m just always so pleased people are reading!


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